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‘The Husband Who

Refused to Die’

‘A story about love and loss that will pull at your heartstrings.’
‘I truly believe that this is a one-of-a-kind read.’
‘A thoughtful and intelligent book.’

Her husband’s died …

Though he doesn’t see it that way …

So what next for Carrie?

Carrie’s husband Dan has died unexpectedly and left behind an extraordinary wish – to be frozen.
He believes his life’s simply been ‘suspended’, that he can come back … one day … when science has moved on.
He’d hoped his wife would want to do the same. But she doesn’t.
Two years on and mum-of-one Carrie tentatively reconnects with an old boyfriend, whose dramatic exit from her life has always been a painful mystery. But their romance is hampered by Carrie’s never-ending personal problems.
After Dan’s story is resurrected in the news headlines, some distressing secrets from the past are revealed, and Carrie is taunted by someone with a serious grudge.
But are the secrets true?
Will she discover who’s behind the malicious acts – and why?
Can there ever be closure for Carrie?

‘Well written, with an eloquent turn of phrase, as well as some wry humour thrown in to lighten the atmosphere.’

‘Refreshingly different, but with all the ingredients of a great, contemporary love story.’

The Husband Who Refused to Die is a pacy read with an oribookginal premise that casts an unusual light on a story about love, loss, family and friendship.

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