Following my father into print journalism, my professional writing life started on the Dursley Gazette as a grDursleyGazetteaduate trainee reporter. After a spell as chief reporter, I moved on to the Gloucester Citizen, then the Bristol Evening Post, where I worked as a sub-editor.
Moving into freelance journalism meant that as well as writing articles and features, I could take on more diverse challenges, including producing and editing magazines for businesses, publicity and PR projects.
I’ve always dabbled with creative writing and for many years had scribbled down ideas and scenes for books. However, it was during a short break in the Lake District three years ago when I was reading a magazine article about a young couple’s curious plans for the future that the idea for the novel came to me.
I knew the premise was an unusual one – possibly unique in contemporary, popular fiction – and that the story, and publication, would be a challenge. But I couldn’t resist.
I love reading ‘what if’ books, those that make you wonder what you’d do in the character’s situation. The premise for The Husband Who Refused to Die made my head spin with ‘what ifs’.

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